People who don’t sew are always curious about how a piece of fabric and some thread can be turned into a wearable creation.  I think of it as a construction project using fabric and thread and a sewing machine instead of wood, concrete and a nail gun!  So, I thought I’d blog through a current project I’m working on; a hospital gown! These gowns can be made for women, men and children.  And they are completely your creation.  You get to choose the fabric (unless you leave the decision to me), as well as the trim.  For the maternity gown (and kids gowns) I can make a matching minkee baby blanket – perfect for those first pictures.

This particular gown is being made for an expectant mother in my town – a maternity gown.  She has chosen this BEAUTIFUL Paisley woven cotton/rayon blend made by Springs Creative Products Group, LLC.

Trim color is “Ice Mint” – a very pale mint color that grounds the busy paisley. but does not take away from it.  As always, I only use high quality materials, like this German thread from Gutterman. And trims from Wright’s.

Trim will include a 2″ satin hemline, and a soft cotton neckline in “Ice Mint”.

I’ll be washing and preshrinking the fabric today, and getting the scissors out!!  My favorite part….cutting the fabric! Check back in for the next post!