If you missed part 1 you may read about it here.

When we parted last, I was off to preshrink the yummy paisley fabric   that will soon be our maternity hospital gown. 

Washed and dryed= preshrunk fabric.  TADAAA!  Preshrinking is a very easy, yet important part of the garment making process.  Cloth & Clutch garments are preshrunk and then washed and dried a second time after construction and before we ship it to you.  Why, you ask?  It’s part of our quality control and assurance process.  We want to make sure all seams are sewn properly, that stray threads are removed, and that the garment washes well. And then we iron it, again!!  See how much we love you?!

We’ve ALL purchased something that wasn’t preshrunk only to have it shrink up a couple of inches the first time you wash it!  AACKK!  No one likes high water pants or a too tight top.  A quality garment will be made with high quality materials  that are properly processed, including preshrinking!  Besides preshrinking the fabric, there are often other elements of a garment that need preshrinking.  For this maternity gown, we must also preshrink the Snap tape.

After preshrinking comes my LEAST favorite part of the whole process…..

Ironing!  Another very important part of the process, even if I don’t enjoy it. 😉  Ironing isn’t only to de-wrinkle the material after it comes out of the dryer.  We must iron throughout the entire garment construction.  It assists in making seams and hems even and flat, and corners sharp.  I am hoping the birthday elves bring me a “mini iron” for this year for working on small dress pieces, and other small projects.

But I digress….and it’s late, so we will pick this back up tomorrow:  Patterns, fabric scissors, and my favorite part….cutting the fabric.  See you soon!