Sorry, I’ve left you hanging for several days.  I had a bunch of orders come in, and well, customers come first, right?

I’ve been thinking about changing the hospital gown to make it even more chic than it already is, but am struggling with keeping it “hospital friendly”.  I don’t want hospital’s to tell moms they can’t wear them because they are unsafe (meaning if there is an emergency, the doctor can’t easily access the patient).  I’ve seen some with elastic necks and satin ribbon sashes at the waist.  I tend to think sashes are fussy when you are trying to have a baby.   I’d love to hear your ideas!

Anyway, where were we?  Oh yes, adding the final touches to the maternity gown.  Pocket, ribbon ties, satin trim.

I figured out an easier way to add the ribbon ties, but here’s a picture of it, attached between the two layers of neck trim. 

Next we have a patch pocket that secretly covers a stitched hole in the garment meant for access by heart monitors or other wires which are often a necessity. I’ve trimmed the top edge of this pocket in the same trim as the neckline and arm holes.

Then I have to make sure the gown is straight so I can place the velcro in the right spots.  The velcro is what keeps your modesty intact!

The velcro is added in this way so that the back of the gown is adjustable depending on your size, and how you like to wear it (loose, or a little tighter).

The lovely satin trim (on inside and out) adds the finishing touches to this Birthday Beautiful Hospital Gown!  And remember it can be made in maternity, regular adult sizes, and children’s sizes.  50% of proceeds of these gowns will go to benefit the Preeclampsia Foundation between now and October 3, 2o1o.  So order now and also help a great cause. It looks so much nicer in real life.  I need to find a better model. 😉