Would you guys like to see me blog?  Do you enjoy reading blogs?  What would make this blog enjoyable?  Please comment with your own thoughts, or choose from my list of ideas, and let me know!

* Tuesday’s Tool – Featuring a new sewing/crafting tool every Tuesday.  And yes, they are TOOLS of the trade!  So whenever you have to buy a sewing tool,  don’t tell you husband you need a new zipper foot, just tell him that you are going out to buy a new tool….and he’ll totally understand.  Zipper foot, not so much.

* My favorite things – Whatever I’m digging for the week/month.

*Sewing Tips – Explanation and photo/video of the technique in question.From basic hand stitches to french seams and everything in between.  Tutorials, perhaps?

*Question of the day/week/month – send me your sewing questions and I’ll answer them on my blog.  If you are wondering, chances are, so are others.

*Fabrics! Types, uses, care, sewing particulars.

*More of my “Evolution of a….(insert any current project).  A sort step by step guide (not really a tutorial) that shows raw supplies up to finished project at every step.


Would love to hear your thoughts!