How’d you like yesterday’s blog post on My Favorite Thing’s?

Today!  Tuesday.  Tool time!  Get excited people!

Today’s tool is the STEAM IRON!

Steam Iron

Ok, ok, I know it’s not a very exciting tool.  Not as exciting as the dressmakers wheel or a ruffler foot, but possibly one of the most important tools a seamstress uses.  And it is only my second attempt at regular blog posting, so cut me some slack (pretty please)!

Fabric must be washed and dried, also known as pre-shrinking.  And when we wash and dry, especially cotton, we get a wrinkled mess.  In order to trace patterns, cut straight lines, and ensure the fabric and pattern are straight, the fabric MUST be ironed.  Additionally, many sewing tasks are made much easier by ironing a crease in advance of sewing, such as cuffs and hemlines.  It’s vital in creating bias tapes and self ties.  Pre-packaged tapes, ribbons, and bindings often have creases from the way they are packaged, and these must be ironed out before applying them to a project.  My iron is always on.  You can’t get around it….you have to use an iron.  And I’m really hoping that I get a mini-iron as a gift.  It’s perfect for ironing small detail items.  And hopefully I’ll burn myself less with a smaller iron!

If you are buying an iron for sewing, make sure it’s got good steam output.  Mine specifically says it’s a “steam” iron. It’ll make your sewing life so much easier!

See you tomorrow!  Make sure you send in your questions so I have something to blog about for Wednesday’s Weekly Question!